Pass through 8 pin connector


These connectors are suitable for use with the Ford Ranger PX Mk 2 and Everest models allowing for easy plug and play integrate into the existing factory 8 pin headlight connector that are located on the lower back of each side of the vehicles headlight assemblies.

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It uses the recommended connection point as highlighted in the Body and Equipment Mounting Manual.

You no longer need to put a hole in the dust cover to fit a trigger wire for auxiliary driving lights, simply:

  • Remove the existing OEM 8 pin connector from the back of the headlight (left or right side) there is a locking tab that must be depressed while removing the connector
  • Fit the corresponding new connector to the connector that has just been removed
  • Fit the remaining new connector to the original connector affixed to the headlight assembly
  • Then connect to your wiring harness trigger wire and or positioning lights via a relay


Brown wire is from the vehicles high beam circuit and is used to trigger an auxiliary relay for driving lights.

White wire is from the vehicles low beam circuit and is used to trigger an auxiliary relay for use with positioning lights.

If either wire is not used it must be correctly insulated

IMPORTANT NOTE: Relays must be used

Make Model Year
Ford Ranger PX2 (fitted with LF fascia) 2015 - 2018


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